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Remanufactured workstation


In the world of office furniture, what’s good for you can be good for the environment too! Remanufactured workstations are the answer. Kentwood Office Furniture has been a frontrunner in the call to action to reduce, reuse, and recycle office furniture for over 40 years.

Although many new office furniture products are made from a percentage of recycled content, remanufactured office furniture is reused – the highest form of “green”! Remanufacturing conserves energy and natural resources over new manufacturing by up to 95% and avoids the solid waste stream and air pollution caused by the new production process.

The EPA estimates that businesses discard approximately 3 million tons of furniture and furnishings per year into landfills at a cost of over $100 million! Remanufacturing just 1 workstation diverts almost 1,000 pounds of waste from a landfill.

Purchasing remanufactured office furniture can also help your company achieve LEED® certification from the United States Green Building Council. Ask us how today!

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