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Remanufactured workstation


At Kentwood Office Furniture, we offer the best remanufactured office furniture products in the industry today.

Many companies are transitioning from purchasing new to acquiring remanufactured office furniture. The Office Furniture Recyclers Forum reports that sales of remanufactured office furniture are over 9% of the entire commercial furniture industry. From small organizations to Fortune 100 companies, the use of remanufactured workstations is on the rise. It makes sense to Go Green, Save Green with Kentwood Office.

The definition of the word remanufacturing is: “The process of restoring used durable products to “new” condition, to be used in their original function.” Many companies offer “reconditioned” or “refurbished” office furniture. Be wary, as these terms denote only cosmetic touchups and the products may not look or function as new. At Kentwood Office, remanufacturing means we totally remake the product from the frame up. Here’s how…

We start with the highest quality, most durable, products from the industry’s leading manufacturers including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, and Allsteel. Products from these companies were manufactured originally with a lifetime of use in mind, so the furniture is tough and time-tested. At Kentwood Office, all products are completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced, reassembled and refinished to “new” condition in our 130,000 square foot operations centers in Grand Rapids, MI and Lansing, MI.

The process that we utilize includes the following steps.


  1. Frames are sanded and repainted for a new finish with long-term performance. You can match your existing furniture or choose your own colors.
  2. Panels are totally stripped and then re-covered in a variety of fabrics. We have acquired OEM fabric stretching machines and staple all fabric so our products won’t bubble or sag. We offer a range of fabrics, many with recycled content, that provide a great look with long lasting performance.
  3. Worksurfaces are replaced. We laminate and custom-cut our surfaces in house to give you complete flexibility.
  4. Overhead storage units are stripped, re-covered or repainted, and reassembled.
  5. Files can be re-used or replaced with new in many styles, colors, and hardware options.
  6. Electrical components are UL approved and configured to your requirements. We ensure that our product retains the original manufacturer UL listing.
  7. Task lighting can be re-used or replaced with new.

If you have existing cubicles that need a refresh, ask us how we can remanufacture your panels or do an exchange for remanufactured product.