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EKOS, or Evolved Kentwood Office Solutions, is Kentwood’s own line of workstation and cubicle furniture. EKOS is a remanufactured solution with plenty of qualities that make it a great choice to consider in place of, or alongside, new and used furniture.


Kentwood Office Furniture Sail mobile whitebard space divider in collaborative workspace

What is Remanufactured?

Everyone seems to have their own definition of the term “Remanufactured”. From touching something up, to replacing many of the parts with new, the expectations for a remanufactured product can vary greatly. Here at Kentwood, we take pride in the product that leaves our doors. Every visible area on the finished EKOS workstation will have some sort of care taken to it, and most of the time will be new.

AIS Divi workstation 6-pack with storage towers

Fully Customizable Furniture

Our EKOS line has 29 paint colors, 363 fabric options, and 85 laminate colors that make up our standard tiered offerings, allowing you thousands of options by which to create something completely unique. Additionally, we have access to many other finishes, allowing us to match virtually any preexisting piece.

We stock 150,000 square feet of furniture from major manufacturers. Every EKOS product, while being a newly remanufactured product, will also meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications for safety and seamless functionality.

Kentwood Office Furniture gallery panel in woodgrain with silver base

Cost Friendly Furniture

New furniture, while we admit it will always be exciting, can tend to run the project cost up. Remanufactured items can help with that. Everything from the design, to engineering, manufacturing, delivery, and even the brand name is something you must consider.

Global Kadin modern rectangle floating top table with solid aluminum leg

Environmentally Friendly Furniture

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated in a 2018 study that approximately 9 million tons of furniture and furnishings go into landfills each year. Kentwood Office Furniture is helping make sure that we help extend the life of materials to help reduce and reuse as much as possible. 

Remanufacturing just one EKOS workstation diverts hundreds of pounds of waste. We make a point to partner with responsible companies like Burch Fabrics and Guilford of Maine who produce environmentally sustainable textiles. We also use water-based glue and paint to help reduce our footprint with sustainability in mind.

The EKOS Process

So how exactly do we take used furniture and remanufacture it into EKOS? Here’s a step-by-step overview of our process to see the care and effort taken by our team to fully repurpose products and materials into your next great piece. Each step considers your unique colors and finishes.

If you’re in the market for office furniture, EKOS is a great middle-ground between new and used that gives you the flexibility to customize for your specific needs. Our remanufactured EKOS line has been the successful choice for hundreds of companies helping them save money and promote sustainability.

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