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Spud Software Plans for Bright Future with Expansion Project

Spud Software
Grand Blanc, MI
Industry: Software

Spud Software, a longtime Grand Blanc Township business, was looking to move from an old farmhouse to a 9,500-square-foot building on an adjacent lot. As their client list grew over the years, so did their staff. Their current space, which held about 20 people, was no longer meeting their needs. The new space is able to house 80 people.

Spud Software brought their vision for the new space to Kentwood Office Furniture who was introduced via the project builder. Spud Software desired a wide open space with a lot of mobility. They needed a flexible workplace to meet their ever-changing work environment. Kentwood Office Furniture’s design team a presented cost-conscious, state-of-the-art solution for the new building.

The new space houses an onsite chef, conference rooms and an open-space floor plan that fit the client’s future-focused vision.

  • Lobby
  • Conference Room
  • File Room
  • Open Office
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