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Turf Carved Acoustic Ceiling Baffle

Turf Carved Ceiling Baffle

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The Carved Baffle is a razzling, dazzling, dynamic acoustic ceiling system. Designed to work with standard unistrut hangers, cable grippers, and any ferrous metal hardware, Carved Baffle installs in seconds to transform any space with subtly complex geometry.

  • Component: UNISTRUT P1000T Standard (supplied by installer). Rare earth Magnet. Cable Grips with 3/64″ aircraft cable. Blind male/female panel clip.
  • Durability: Contract
  • Maintenance: Vacuum occasionally to remove any particulate matter and air­borne debris or dust. Compressed air can be used to dust the material in difficult to reach areas or for large assemblies.
  • Environmental: 9mm PET felt board is made from over 99% recycled polyester plastic, over 50% of which come from recycled water bottles. TURF is pursuing product transparency for LEED V4 MR Credit 4 Option 1, and MR Credit 3 Option 2 for recycled content. TURF is pursuing a Declare Label for this product.
  • Variation: PET Felt uses a traditional ‘felting’ process to create it’s panels. This often results in a pleasing heathered effect, where multiple tones are present in the fiber. Slight and consistent variations in color should be expected when using this sustainable material.
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