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Lacasse Quad Reception

Lacasse Quad Reception

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First impressions are paramount, since they imply, in the client’s mind, what goes on behind the scenes.  This is why your organization’s reception area must reflect your credibility, your reliability and most of all, your professionalism.  Choosing reception furniture by Groupe Lacasse is making sure you make a lasting impression.  The combinations offered give you the opportunity to express your company’s distinctive character.  Play with colors, shapes and textures to create a reception area to your match your image.

We live hectic and fast-paced lives. With Quad, you can leave all that behind and walk into a world where clean lines connect with a Zen inspiration. Every detail has been carefully designed to create a seamless and harmonious environment. Its vertical and horizontal shapes are in perfect harmony; you can create different volumes and fully personalize your workspace. With Quad, you can build your own inspired and inspiring world where everything comes together perfectly!

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