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5 Ways to Improve Your Office Space Right Now

May 1st, 2012 by Jeff Klein

By Francesca Smith, Solutions Account Associate

Basic office needs often start with desks and chairs, but there are other ways to improve your office space right away without having to go through a total renovation. Desks, chairs, and workstations require much more thought and investment and deserve their own blog post for a later time.

Instead, I’ll focus on some lesser thought of but equally important spaces when it comes to increasing productivity, improving overall image, and enhancing retention and recruitment of employees.

Here are 5 ways to have an immediate impact on your office space, organized by office area:

1. Storage. Necessary, but not necessarily evil. Improve your productivity with the right storage solution. Some options include:

Selections for both filers (space for filing) or pilers (for those who pile their things), and personal storage needs.

On a micro level, a colorful drawer organizer.

Or some cube storage for active work projects. Enticing colors include Citron, Pool, Autumn, Flame, and Sisal.

How about a mobile credenza with an upholstered seat? This storage acts double duty, allowing for impromptu seating while storing your work. Mobile, too, for those who like to keep moving.

From our Voi line.

2. Reception area. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Let the first thing your prospects, customers, and employees see be fully represented by the reception area. Treat this as a great opportunity for branding, by having fun with the customization of fabrics on any reception seating. Some ideas:

Convera lounge sofa:

Cambia guest chairs:

3. Conference & collaboration rooms. Treat your current employees with new conference and collaboration areas. From suite and tie formal to the most causal of gatherings, these spaces should be dedicated to helping the meeting of the minds. Some ideas:

Add some bling to your conference room by choosing a chair with polished aluminum arms and bases. By stepping up the game in the conference room, those meeting in it will too. Can you already see the men tightening their ties? Case in point, Preside conference table in a more contemporary style with Nucleus seating.


Ceres chairs – we’re using them in our conference rooms!


4. Soft spaces – lounges, breakrooms, café areas. Give your employees a nice change of scenery by furnishing their soft spaces.

Some options:

Nucleus with Preside hospitality tables (can you tell yet I’m in love with Nucleus?).

Motivate seating, with Preside tables.

5. Branding. This answer has been embedded in the first four, but is so important it deserves a little more time. What are your brand colors?

Are they yellow, black, and white? Featuring Motivate task chairs:

How orange is your brand? Featuring Motivate:

No matter what colors you have, HON provides many customization opportunities to help suit your company’s office furniture needs. Demonstrate company spirit by showcasing your brand’s colors throughout the office!

So there you have it, 5 ways you can improve your office right now without a complete office renovate. Which way will you choose? What quick and simple ways can you think of to improve your office space?

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