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Storage and Asset Management

Office furniture can be difficult to store and track. However proper storage and asset management can be essential to companies, especially during renovation projects, switching to more hybrid work environments, and moving locations. Businesses often need office furniture storage or warehousing for assets that may be excess, dormant, or seasonal but historically consumers struggle with commercial moving and storage due to a lack of inventory knowledge. Relying on outdated and manual methods for asset management and tracking can make it difficult to be responsive to the furniture needs of your company.

Why Store Your Furniture with Kentwood Office?

Finding the right option can quickly become a major expense. Kentwood Office Furniture offers storage and asset management services for your excess furniture. From work desks to computer chairs and more, we have several climate-controlled warehouses to keep your assets safe, secure, and ready for redeployment when you need them.

Find What You Need, When You Need It

Losing or misplacing assets can lead to frustration and interrupted workflows. We provide asset management and inventory services to keep track of everything you own that way it’s readily available when you need it.

Keep Money in Your Wallet

KOF’s asset management services give you an overview of your furniture finances, so you can avoid making duplicate purchases and potentially reduce overall storage costs. Our staff will provide you with detailed monthly reports so that you have the information you need to make decisions.

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