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Mary Green


Fun Fact About Yourself
I was in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland back in 2008.
What's Your Superpower?
I was in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland back in 2008.
What's the Soundtrack to Your Life?
Any Beatles soundtrack.
Favorite Local Hangout / Brewery / Restaurant
A few restaurants in Broadripple in Indianapolis.
Favorite Vacation Destination
Traveling around Europe or Fiji.
What Brings You Joy?
My family, fiancé, friends, and pets.

10 Office Design Ideas to Increase Employee Engagement

From board meetings to chats over coffee and everything in between, people are working together more than ever. The key to designing successful collaborative spaces is to create benefits for both the employer and the worker. Collaboration is simply the way things get done in today’s workplace, and encouraging and supporting teamwork is the way to create a high-performance culture.

Kentwood Office Furniture’s Indianapolis design team understands that designing a workspace with a combination of designated meeting spaces and informal arrangements gives everyone more control over where and how they work.

Check out these two stories: officesnapshots.com/articles/tips-to-help-you-plan-and-design-for-collaboration, and 99u.com/articles/16408/how-to-build-a-collaborative-office-space-like-pixar-and-google