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EKOS = Evolved Kentwood Office Solutions

EKOS, or Evolved Kentwood Office Solutions, is Kentwood’s own line of workstation and cubicle furniture. EKOS is our solution to space division utilizing workstations that we manufacture in house, to allow for consistency, but also creativity.

How Do We Manufacture Our Product?

Our EKOS furniture line is manufactured out of our 130,000 square foot facility in Grand Rapids, MI.  With a collective 350 years of experience, our teams are experts when it comes to manufacturing our products.  At every point in the process, there is a concentration on sustainability.  If we can take an existing part and make it new, we will do so to keep it out of landfills.  We also use materials that are environmentally friendly to reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmentally Responsible Furniture

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated in a 2018 study that approximately 9 million tons of furniture and furnishings go into landfills each year.  Kentwood Office Furniture is working to help extend the life of materials and to help reduce and reuse as much as possible.

Manufacturing just one EKOS workstation can divert hundreds of pounds of waste from landfills.  We make a point to partner with responsible companies like Burch Fabrics and Guilford of Maine who produce environmentally sustainable textiles.  We also use water-based glue and paint to help do our part.

Fully Customizable Furniture

Our products are manufactured in 28+ paint colors, 300+ fabric options, and 85+ laminate colors.  This allows you thousands of combinations to create something completely unique for your space. Additionally, we have access to virtually any other finish, allowing us to match existing pieces or create something truly custom.

Every EKOS product, while being a newly manufactured product, will also meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications for safety and seamless functionality.

The EKOS Process

Curious on how our product is assembled? Here’s a step-by-step overview of our process to see the care and effort taken by our team to build your next piece of furniture.  Each step considers your unique needs.

If you’re in the market for office furniture, EKOS is a great option that is easy to design and offers the flexibility to customize for your specific needs.  Our EKOS line has been the successful choice for thousands of companies helping them create a productive workspace and promote sustainability.

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EKOS offers thousands of textile, laminate, and paint combinations to meet your look and budget. Our textiles are environmentally responsible from Burch and Guilford of Maine, and our laminate and paint options allow you to match manufacturer-specific products or go fully customizable.

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