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Kentwood Office Furniture continues to raise the bar in the used office furniture arena

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Kentwood Office Furniture uses preowned furniture to create another environmentally-friendly office showplace at a fraction of the cost. Their ability to provide products with fresh aesthetics quickly, and cost effectively, has made them an unparalleled resource throughout the Midwest region. These products are up–to-date, support current technology, and are designed to meet each customer’s specific need. Not only do their customers benefit financially from these value oriented solutions, the environment does as well. Many of their solutions utilize 100 percent used or remanufactured furniture products. This service focuses on keeping products and components out of the landfills and into the hands of those that need it.

Kentwood Office Furniture has been a frontrunner in the call to action to reduce, reuse, and recycle office furniture for over 30 years. Although many new office furniture products are made from a percentage of recycled content, remanufactured office furniture is reused – the highest form of “green”! Remanufacturing conserves energy and natural resources over new manufacturing by up to 95% and avoids the solid waste stream and air pollution caused by the new production process.

Customers look to KOF not only for environmentally friendly used product solutions, but for their ability to design a space with these used products that meets their unique needs and work processes.

“There is used product available on the market – some of it good and some of it not so good,” says Laura Hopson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kentwood Office Furniture. “The value that KOF brings to their customer base is the ability to take these used products and reconfigure or remanufacture them to fit the exact needs of their space. We offer our customers design flexibility.”

One recent example that demonstrates this valuable service is an installation for Indicon, a company based in the Detroit, Michigan area. Indicon was challenged with trying to create an aesthetically pleasing innovative space as they moved their headquarters to a new facility. To make the most of every dollar spent, they began this process by searching for used office systems. Kentwood Office Furniture was able to meet their needs by creating a space with used Herman Miller products – including floor-to-ceiling wall product.

Indicon’s willingness to explore used products brought about an affordable, sustainable workplace that meets their unique needs and work processes.

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