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Top Product: Chicago Showroom – Steelcase Answer workstations

November 12th, 2010 by Jeff Klein

Steelcase Answers workstationDurability, flexibility and ease of change make these stations a wise investment. Simple to install, expand, shrink and reconfigure, Answer easily adapts as your organization changes. It’s this flexibility that has helped Answer become one of the best-selling systems in the market.

Composed of very basic components, it can be configured in a snap – and reconfigured in another snap. Designed to change as often as you want, to evolve, to become whatever you wish. 

That’s flexibility made practical. That’s  flexibility redefined.


Is that really too much to ask from your furniture? We don’t think so. That’s why we designed Answer with flexible features built-in. Quickly change heights and widths without buying a new panel. Reuse components during changes to save time, money and to minimize waste.

Now isn’t that nice

Our Chicago showroom has a shipment of these stations in-stock and ready for delivery.  Clean, Steelcase Answer workstations: 6×6,55” high, light grey tiles, dark grey patterned worksurfaces.  Each station includes a box/box/file pedestal, file/file pedestal, and task light.  Now only $595.00.  Initial quantity 64.

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