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Top Product: Jackson Showroom – Allsteel Inspire chair

November 12th, 2010 by Jeff Klein

Allsteel InspireInspire chair from Allsteel.  Rediscover your Space.

Inspire is designed to support a multitude of higher education environments. In Allsteel’s second collaboration with Bruce Fifield of Milan-based Design Continuum Italia, Inspire responds to the specific needs of today’s dynamic learning environments. Incorporating automatic comfort technologies, students can now stay comfortable longer promoting active, engaged learning.

Feature: TriFit Comfort Technologies

Inspire encourages interaction and involvement through unrestricted freedom of movement. TriFit technology incorporates seat suspension, back recline, and seat flexure in a non-mechanical system that allows users to move freely and learn comfortably

Allsteel Inspire Chair (Red)

Feature: Breadth of Line

Today’s learning environments are extending beyond the classroom. Spaces are needed to invite interaction and support collaboration. With Inspire’s broad statement of line, versatile spaces are created not only in classrooms, but also in active learning environments – cafes, libraries, labs, and team project rooms – throughout campus.

Feature: Lasting Performance

Higher education environments mandate lasting performance. Inspire’s four-sided welded-steel frame construction creates a durable design that withstands active environments and is warranted for users up to 300 pounds. The back recline and seat movement technologies are also robust and non-mechanical to provide long-lasting, quiet use.

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