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Introducing Lota…New Mesh-Backed Seating from HON

November 1st, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Lota Seating from HON

Style and Substance, Perfectly Meshed

Open for orders 11.05.12

A great chair doesn’t have to cost an arm and an leg, it just has to properly support them. Introducing Lota, a mesh-backed chair with simplified comfort controls and all the features you would expect from a quality office chair, and a few you never expected.

3-Way adjustable arms
Counterbalance back support – no adjustment needed
Adapts to a wide variety of sizes
Simplified controls
Available in black, charcoal and navy
Available in polished aluminum or black

Top Product: Detroit Showroom – Steelcase Jersey Task Chair

March 1st, 2011 by Jeff Klein

Steelcase Jersey Task Chair (Pre-Owned)

Style meshes with great support.

A gracefully curved back and a comfortable seat define this Brian Kane design.  With Jersey’s double mesh back, the first layer gives you a comfortable contact surface and the second layer provides support.  Ergonomic features are simple to adjust so you can sit easy all day long.

Hon Introduces New Ceres Seating Line

January 6th, 2011 by Jeff Klein

Ceres ™

Total support is a beautiful thing.
Catches your eye. And has your back.

Ceres seating began with scientific research on how people sit. The end result is a superior sitting experience-and a stylish, beautiful chair. The aesthetic integrity of form that follows function gives Ceres its clean, purposeful appearance. Its contours and shape exist to support you completely as you move throughout your workday. As a bonus, Ceres also has the aesthetic flexibility to reflect just the right personality for practically any workplace environment.

Complete Support

In the studio of Ceres designer Wolfgang Deisig, every new concept begins with a question: What can be improved? With Ceres, Deisig set out to improve the back support delivered by work chairs. He conducted motion studies of how people sit and revealed a gap in support as they recline. The kinesthetic design of Ceres addresses this problem, keeping the backrest in constant contact with your lumbar as you sit upright, recline, or move between postures

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Top Product: Jackson Showroom – Allsteel Inspire chair

November 12th, 2010 by Jeff Klein

Allsteel InspireInspire chair from Allsteel.  Rediscover your Space.

Inspire is designed to support a multitude of higher education environments. In Allsteel’s second collaboration with Bruce Fifield of Milan-based Design Continuum Italia, Inspire responds to the specific needs of today’s dynamic learning environments. Incorporating automatic comfort technologies, students can now stay comfortable longer promoting active, engaged learning. Read the rest of this entry »

In-Store Special: Grand Rapids Showroom – Like New Bertolini Impressions Stack Chairs – Sale: $39

October 20th, 2010 by Jeff Klein

The Impressions Series is the Ferrari of the chair world.  Only the highest-quality materials go into the Impression chair, which molds to the body for optimal comfort, while the sound structure provides amazing durability.  Our unique building system also makes it one of the only maintenance-free stacking chair available.
Blue fabric and silver vein frame.

Top Product: Jackson Showroom – Seek chair from Allsteel

October 8th, 2010 by Jeff Klein

Rediscover your Space.

Seek is designed for multipurpose spaces in need of durable, versatile, beautiful chairs that are ready to work when needed and easy to store when they are not. Dedicated collaborative space is becoming more common within today’s work environments and companies need seating solutions that work like they do. Seek is up for the challenge. Its ability to stack, nest, and nest the stacks means it stores how you want it to, where you want it to, and as densely as you want it to. High performance storage management combined with a chair that is easy to use makes Seek the best choice for any space that requires multipurpose seating.

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