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Continual Campus Expansion Fuels Long-Term Partnership

May 25th, 2011 by Jeff Klein

Albion CollegeAlbion College and Kentwood Office Furniture have continually selected furniture that serves the needs of the present, and anticipates the goals of the future.

In recent years, Albion’s main campus has expanded so that it now includes more than 30 major buildings.  Kentwood Office has worked hand in hand with Albion to create an environment that enhances students’ learning and interaction. Kentwood Office Furniture has been a constant partner throughout these changes.  KOF has furnished various spaces around the ever-expanding campus over the past twenty years, including: lobbies, common areas, classrooms, dining areas, and auditoriums. 

Project Details
Albion College
Albion, MI

Time Frame: Ongoing
Industry: Higher Education
Application: Common Areas, Lobby, Auditorium, ClassroomAlbion College Auditorium
Products: Sit On It Tablet Arm Seating, Sauder Lounge Seating, Jasper Community Library Tables, Trendway Seating, KI Auditorium Seating, Falcon Seating, Falcon Tables

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