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Case Studies

Updated Furnishings Create Bright, Fresh Space in Historical Building

October 28th, 2014 by

CB_newsA local real estate company was ready to update their office space located in a historic downtown Lafayette building.  The client’s current furnishings included 25 year old dark and tired workstations which did not reflect their current brand.  Kentwood Office Furniture’s design team evaluated the current space and provided a proposal for the client’s review.  The proposal included a mix of products that met the customer’s design, functionality and budget needs.  Kentwood utilized remanufactured Herman Miller Action Office workstations with glass toppers to brighten the space and improve sight lines throughout the office.  New, streamlined seating provides a sophisticated, high-tech aesthetic with employee comfort and ergonomic benefit at the forefront.  A custom reception station provides the perfect first impression.  As central Indiana’s real estate needs continue to grow, the client is now positioned to provide the ongoing leadership the region has come to expect.

Project Details

Industry: Real Estate
Application: Open Office, Conference Room, Reception, Lobby
Products: HON Invitation Seating, HON Ceres Seating, HON Nucleus Seating, Sit On It Wit Seating, Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, YB Normal Custom Woodworking Casegoods

Design Services Create Space Poised for Efficiency and Future Growth

September 30th, 2014 by

Office Furniture InstallationA health care technology company was experiencing steady growth and needed to find a larger facility to support that growth. They selected a location and were faced with the task of furnishing the space. Through a series of productive pre-design meetings, Kentwood Office was able, in partnership with the client, to design the perfect environment to support current business and future growth. Kentwood Office helped organize critical path schedules that would keep construction and interior furnishings moving forward in concert. This helped the project to be installed on time and within budget. Kentwood staff monitored all aspects of the installation which allowed their management to focus on the transitioning of personnel and process to its new environment.

Project Details

Industry: Health Care Technology
Application: Open Office, Private Office, Conference Room, Collaboration Space
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller Workstations, HON 10500 Casegoods, HON Preside Tables, HON Ignition Seating, National WaveWorks Casegoods, Metalworks Cayenne Filing, Great Openings Pedestals, Kentwood Office Custom Tables, Kentwood Office Custom Markerboards


Company Expansion Brings Opportunity for Beautiful, Functional New Office Space

July 17th, 2014 by

News_imageA local mechanical contractor was expanding their facilities and needed office furniture to outfit the new construction. The client received bids from several area office furniture dealerships.  Kentwood Office Furniture was able to provide an office plan that included an affordable mix of products in this competitive bid situation.  Kentwood provided timely service and worked with the customer efficiently through the design process. Kentwood was able to provide custom casegoods for the conference room that met the customer’s design, functionality and budget needs. The new facility features a portfolio of coordinating products, that not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also enable the customer to get the most out of their new space.

Project Details

Industry: Mechanical Contractor

Application: Conference Room, Break Room, Private Office

Products:  HON Voi Casegoods, HON Motivate Seating, HON basyx Seating, National Waveworks Table, National Aurora Seating

New Comprehensive Space Designed to Serve the Community’s Health Needs

June 19th, 2014 by

metro_newspostA local health care organization was looking to improve their community health care program. To do so, they needed to move from their current location to a new building that was better located and had more space. To complete their health care offerings, they partnered with a dental clinic and a mental health counseling service. While they had some furniture pieces that could be reused, they needed to replace many old, worn out and mismatched pieces. Kentwood Office worked with the client to create a cohesive design and efficient space plan. Kentwood suggested remanufactured Herman Miller stations to outfit the space with functional, up to date stations to house staff and residents in training. The use of glass stackers kept the space open and full of natural light. Trendway TrendWall was the perfect floor-to-ceiling application to create additional private offices that could easily adjust with future changing needs.

Project Details

Industry: Health Care
Application: Reception / Waiting Room, Open Office, Conference Room, Private Office, Break Room, Exam Room
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, HON Ignition Seating, National Swift Tables, National Eloquence Seating, Global Duet Seating, Safco Sassy Seating, Great Openings Filing & Storage, Trendway TrendWall

Right Look, Right Price for Pro Hockey Administrative Office

February 25th, 2014 by

Hockey Team Administrative Office InstallA minor league hockey franchise signed a deal to bring pro hockey back to the newly renovated State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. This deal also called for the team to house it’s administrative office at the Fairgrounds. The franchise needed furnishings that matched the spirit of their organization, catered to their needs and complemented the colors and unique building design. Kentwood Office Furniture proposed a solution that was functional, aesthetically pleasing and on budget. The new administrative office allows the organization to focus on the tasks and hand and prepare for their inaugural season.

Industry: Sports Entertainment
Application: Lobby / Reception, Break Room, Private Office, Conference Room
Products: HON Seating, Cherryman Industries Casegoods, Cherryman Industries Table, Eurotech Seating

Hockey Team Administrative Office Install

Kentwood Office Collaborates on Western High School Improvements

February 13th, 2014 by

PARMA, MI – Turnout was good for the Western School District’s “Grand Re-Opening Open House” at the high school on Friday, Jan. 31.

“We had former students, teachers, administrators and board members visit and take the tour,” said Western High School Principal Sue Van Riper. “We were very pleased with the attendance and the interest.”

Kentwood Office Furniture’s Jackson, MI office was excited to collaborate on a local school improvement project.

View full article and images here.

Remanufactured Herman Miller Furnishes Expansion at a Fraction of the Cost

November 5th, 2013 by

Nonprofit Solutions InstallationA 30 year old nonprofit solutions national company was looking to expand in the Indianapolis market after a recent business acquisition. They had a national furniture contract with Herman Miller at the time of the acquisition. Kentwood Office Furniture had only sold them few HON Basyx chairs, but was building a strong relationship with the buyer by getting the chairs delivered quickly and complete. The client made a visit to Kentwood’s showroom and was amazed that Kentwood could offer remanufactured Herman Miller workstations that looked and functioned like new at a fraction of the cost. After further research and discussion, the client moved forward with Kentwood Office. The winning combination of top quality product, great service and a great price made sense for their expansion and the future of their company.

Industry: Nonprofit Solutions
Application: Lobby, Training Rooms, Open Office, Conference Room, Break Room, Game Room, Private Office, IT Office
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, HON Seating, Trendway FEEK, Kentwood Office Tables, Paoli Mingle

Nonprofit Solutions Installation

Design, Products and Financing Provide Comprehensive Solution for Medical Group

September 24th, 2013 by

Medical Group Furniture InstallationA 24-physician multi-specialty group signed a long term lease to move into a medical office building at a hospital in Southfield that is undergoing a $5.9 million renovation. This new space will enable the practice to open a diagnostic and testing facility that will feature a $1.1 million fixed-unit computed tomograph, or CT, scanner. The medical group was looking to partner with a company that could pull together a comprehensive solution of design, products and financing options. Kentwood Office Furniture was able to meet their needs by providing affordable options for every area of their facility. Working side by side with the architects and general contractors enabled the team to develop a solution that represents the image that the medical group needs to portray. They were also able to stay within their budget and direct necessary financial resources toward medical equipment and other supplies.

Project Details

Industry: Health Care
Application: Lobby, Exam Rooms, Physician Offices, Conference Room
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, HON Seating, Global Seating, Offices To Go Casegoods

Remanufactured Product Enhancements Create Fun, Up-To-Date Office Expansion

August 15th, 2013 by

Remanufactured Furniture InstallationThe expansion of an employee benefits services company resulted in the need for additional office space. Kentwood Office Furniture utilized the new enhancements to their remanufactured product offering to create a fun, up-to-date open environment. The layout provides the ideal place for employees to concentrate and get work done as well as collaborate when necessary. The 53” high panel height, topped by glass stacker sections, allows the natural light to fill the entire space.

Project Details

Industry: Employee Benefits Services
Application: Open Plan Work Areas, Private Offices, Break Areas
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, HON Ignition Seating, HON Flock Cafe Stools

Furniture Buyback Services Help Offset Cost of Office Renovation

June 13th, 2013 by

CS1“Kentwood Office simplified the task of moving several locations into one larger, coordinated, cohesive space.”

A large counseling services company wanted to centralize their operations.  They consolidated several offices into one newly constructed facility.  Their existing furniture was a random mixture of many different products.  To outfit the new space, Kentwood Office Furniture blended new and remanufactured furniture.  Kentwood was able to coordinate a buyback for the product that they no longer needed.  The customer was going for a more contemporary look with a soothing color palette.  The 120 degree workstations suit the open call center and allow for additional seating when needed during a busy time.

Project Details

Industry: Counseling Services
Application: Call Center, Private Office, Break Room, Conference Room
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller Ethospace Workstations, National Epic Desk Sets, HON Motivate Seating, HON Nucleus Seating, HON Motivate Training Tables

“Hands On” Approach Moves Customer In On Schedule

February 26th, 2013 by Jeff Klein

Security Integrator Customer Install

“Kentwood Office Furniture provided outstanding service from concept phase to final implementation.”

Dave Nemmers
President / Owner

Company growth and increasing customer demands brought a need for a new location for a security integration company. Their current location was not meeting their needs and was no longer the “right fit” for their organization. With tight timelines for the move ahead of them, they needed furnishings fast and done right the first time. Kentwood Office was there from the beginning design to the final installation. From furniture layout, to colors, to style and functionality, Kentwood was there with a “hands on” approach that helped the customer move in on schedule with outstanding results!

Project Details
Grand Rapids, MI

Industry: Security Integrator
Application: Lobby / Reception, Break Room, Private Office, Conference Room, Common Filing Area, Open Office
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, HON Preside Conference Table, HON Ignition Seating, HON Cafe Tables, HON Motivate Stools, HON Invitiation Lounge, Safco Rumba Screens, Safco Sassy Stools, Used Geiger Casegoods, Used Kimball Casegoods

Mix of Products Updates Space into Bright, Collaborative Office

December 27th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Kentwood Office Furniture installationOur office has now become a showplace for us versus the drab, dark space that it was.  The color selections are outstanding.

Ray Sayers

A large marketing fulfillment company had added furnishings to their space over time and faced a random mix of furniture that was bland and outdated. They desired to brighten and update the office to fit their current brand. Kentwood suggested lowering the panel height and adding glass tiles to the panels to allow in more natural light from the front windows. These changes also helped create a more collaborative space between the workers. The addition of color created a fun, efficient workspace that fit the company’s personality.

Project Details
Zeeland, MI

Industry: Marketing Fulfillment Services
Application: Open Office, Private Office, Conference Room, Flooring
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller Ethospace Workstations, Used Herman Miller Eames Chairs, Izzy Audrey Storage Islands, Fixtures Dewey Open Bookcases, Mannington Carpet, Reused customer’s existing storage and worksufaces

Steady Growth Creates Need for New, Larger Workspace for 195 Employees

October 25th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Healthcare Services InstallationA large medical billing services company had been on a steady growth pattern since the Fall of 2010 and was quickly outgrowing their current space. Kentwood Office has handled their furnishing needs for the past seven or eight years and was asked to create a plan for a new workplace which could accommodate current and future growth. Kentwood was able to utilize their existing workstations and supplement them with additional remanufactured Herman Miller stations. Kentwood Office pulled together a mix of new, used and remanufactured furniture to create an efficient, cohesive and cost-effective space.

Project Details
Grand Rapids, MI

Industry: Healthcare Services
Application: Open Office, Private Office, Training Room, Conference Room, Break Room, Social Room
Products: Premiera Casegoods, HON basyx VL620 Seating, HON basyx VL712 Seating, Remanufactured Herman Miller AO1 Workstations, Records Storage, Laminate Conference Table with Gibralter Base and Byrne Electrical Power and Data, Used White Boards, Laminate Round Tables, Safco Reve Seating, HON Huddle Training Tables

One Stop Solution for West Side Beer Distributing’s Remodel

June 8th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

West Side Beer InstallEverything looks great and the project was installed on time.

Jim Caleca
Vice President, Corporate Services
West Side Beer Distributing

West Side Beer wanted to upgrade their space by remodeling their Customer Service and Sign Making rooms. An unsatisfactory experience with a previous dealer led them to search for a new partner for this project. Kentwood Office and West Side Beer worked closely throughout the design phase to create an attractive, functional new space. Kentwood was able to provide the furniture the client desired, meet all the client’s deadlines, and was also able to offer them trade-in credit for the used furniture they no longer needed.

Project Details
West Side Beer Distributing
Romulus, MI

Industry: Commercial Beverage Distribution
Application: Open Office, Private Office, Conference Room, Training
Products: HON Nucleus Chairs, National Clever Desking, Metalworks Desking and Components, Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, Kentwood Office Furniture custom worksurfaces, Gibraltar Table Legs

Stunning New Space l Hand and Plastic Surgery Centre

May 11th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Hand and Plastic Surgery Centre InstallWe are very happy with our new space.  Everybody loves their furniture.
Sue Hendrickson
Office Manager
Hand and Plastic Surgery Centre

Hand and Plastic Surgery Centre was moving from their old location into a new construction space.  Their goal was to create a more upscale image, as well as, address different storage and functional needs based on the services they provide.  A customer referral from a company in their building led them to contact Kentwood Office Furniture to start the process.

Kentwood met with the client to better understand their needs and created a plan for the new space.  Kentwood combined a variety of products to create a customized plan that fit the client’s style and budget needs.

Hand and Plastic Surgery CentreKentwood outfitted the office spaces with Trendway Trig desking.  Trig brings a welcome touch of residential appeal to the workplace – and a businesslike approach to supporting practical needs.  The crisp, clean lines and lighter scale reflect the contemporary styling that Hand and Plastic was seeking.

As the area’s leading remanufacturer, Kentwood Office Furniture included the budget-conscious option of reupholstering 25 of the client’s existing chairs in the plan.  Not only do the reupholstered Steelcase chairs look right at home in the new space, they freed up some capital to be spent on the remainder of the product.

For the remaining seating, Kentwood was able to pull from various manufacturers.  The blend of options met the needs of many different body types and sizes while providing a consistent look throughout the space.

Product Details
Hand and Plastic Surgery Centre
Grand Rapids, MI

Industry: Healthcare
Application: Administrative Office, Private Office, Lobby, Exam Room, Waiting Area
Products: Trendway Trig Desking, Cumberland Mulholland Seating, Harter Forum Seating, Harter Forum Tables, National Aurora Seating, HON Ignition Seating, HON Nucleus Seating, HON Ceres Seating, Premiera Seating, Reupholstered Steelcase Snodgrass Seating

Hand and Plastic Surgery Centre

The Rapid Looks to the Future with Completed Operations Center

April 18th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

The Rapid Operations CenterThe Rapid had a specific aesthetic vision for the new facility.  Kentwood Office Furniture suggested custom options from Kimball that fit the vision and color scheme perfectly.

The Rapid has been growing steadily since its start in 2000. They required an updated and expanded space which could support current and future growth. That is just what they got with the new Wealthy Street Operations Center. The center is a LEED certified building which uses natural light to illuminate much of the building. Bus washes have water reclaim systems and the building will collect rainwater to further reduce water consumption. Solar collectors will help heat the water the facility uses, compact rooftop wind turbines will provide much of the energy needed to operate the center, and the building materials are primarily durable/recycled.

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Architectural Walls Create a Functional Shared Space for Spectrum Health

April 12th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Spectrum was moving their Neuro Rehab and Home Care departments from their current building to the nearby Visiting Nurse facility. Not only were they on a limited budget, but they needed to find a creative way to create private office space in the open lobby area. Kentwood utilized TrendWall products to create enclosed architectural walled offices. A blend of remanufactured and new products for the working areas created a functional blend for departments that worked for everyone involved.

Project Details
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Industry: Healthcare
Application: Architectural Walls, Private Office, Lobby, Scheduling Stations
Products: Trendway TrendWall, Remanufactured Herman Miller Action Office Stations

Kentwood Office Continues to Raise the Bar in the Used Office Furniture Arena

February 7th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Indicon Used Office Furniture InstallationIndicon was looking to provide their employees with a creative, innovative space.  They needed a solution quickly, that met their budget.  KOF created a great space for their team, and the move went quickly and smoothly.

Kentwood Office Furniture uses pre-owned furniture to create another environmentally-friendly office showplace at a fraction of the cost.  Their ability to provide products with fresh aesthetics quickly, and cost effectively, has made them an unparalleled resource throughout the Midwest region.  These products are up–to-date, support current technology, and are designed to meet each customer’s specific need.  Not only do their customers benefit financially from these value oriented solutions, the environment does as well.  Many of their solutions utilize 100 percent used or remanufactured furniture products.  This service focuses on keeping products and components out of the landfills and into the hands of those that need it.

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Furniture Plan Makes Continued Expansion Easy for Ross

January 17th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Ross Medical Remanufactured StationsRoss Medical Education Center offers healthcare training for individuals looking to move into the Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration and Dental Assistant career fields. As the need for trained staff continues to grow, the school continues to expand. Ross was looking for a furniture partner that would be able to meet their expansion needs and service them throughout the country. Kentwood Office Furniture created a set of standard furniture specifications that easily adapt to the needs of each unique location. The dedicated sales and installation team work closely with Ross to ensure that each project runs smoothly and that each location can get up and running on time and on budget.

Ross Medical Education CenterProject Details
Ross Medical Education Center
Grand Rapids, MI

Industry: Healthcare Education
Application: Lobby, Private Office, Classroom, I.T.
Products: HON, ABCO, Sandusky, Remanufactured

Medbio Finds Product Mix a Perfect Fit

November 18th, 2011 by Jeff Klein

Medbio InstallationMedbio’s continued company growth led them to acquire a new, larger space. They needed to furnish a beautiful space without breaking the bank. Kentwood Office Furniture had outfitted several spaces for them in the past and was ready to assist. Kentwood Office suggested a mix of new and remanufactured products to meet the customer’s goals. Remanufactured Herman Miller workstations provided huge savings for Medbio. Medbio’s new workspace is beautiful, functional and cost-effective – the perfect combination for a growing business!

Project Details
Grand Rapids, MI

Industry: Medical Contract Manufacturing
Application: Private Office, Open Office, Breakroom, Conference Room
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller Ethospace Workstations, Remanufactured Herman Miller Action Office Workstations with Clear Story, Premiera Desking, Safco Sassy Chairs and Stools, Lateral Files, Conference Table

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