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The Rapid Looks to the Future with Completed Operations Center

April 18th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

The Rapid Operations CenterThe Rapid had a specific aesthetic vision for the new facility.  Kentwood Office Furniture suggested custom options from Kimball that fit the vision and color scheme perfectly.

The Rapid has been growing steadily since its start in 2000. They required an updated and expanded space which could support current and future growth. That is just what they got with the new Wealthy Street Operations Center. The center is a LEED certified building which uses natural light to illuminate much of the building. Bus washes have water reclaim systems and the building will collect rainwater to further reduce water consumption. Solar collectors will help heat the water the facility uses, compact rooftop wind turbines will provide much of the energy needed to operate the center, and the building materials are primarily durable/recycled.

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