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Brokerage Buyback & Liquidation

Do you have to remove or liquidate still useful surplus furniture? Your options are few.  You can spend a lot of time managing a charitable donation, store the furniture and pay monthly fees, attempt to sell your furniture locally, or take it to a landfill.  Want a better solution?  Let Kentwood Office save you money and be environmentally responsible by re-deploying or liquidating your furniture.

Kentwood Office Furniture has a reputation in the industry as a trustworthy and honest office furniture broker.  Our company has several brokers on staff that buy and sell used / as-is furniture throughout North America from companies and office furniture dealers.  Kentwood works closely with companies that want to get some value from their used furniture as part of making the financial aspects of their new product purchase feasible or those that simply need to dispose of used furniture. Kentwood offers a full range of project management services to coordinate planning, decommissioning, liquidation, and transporting the furniture.  Kentwood has a commitment to sustainability, and remanufactured or reutilized furniture is an excellent choice for other organizations to furnish an environmentally responsible and productive workplace.

Kentwood Office Furniture’s references include many of the largest Herman Miller dealers in the United States.  These dealers utilize Kentwood’s services and products because they know that their projects will get done right the first time with the highest quality.

If you want someone to save you the headache with your existing furniture, e-mail Chris Krieger or call (616) 466-5032.

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