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New Comprehensive Space Designed to Serve the Community’s Health Needs

June 19th, 2014 by

metro_newspostA local health care organization was looking to improve their community health care program. To do so, they needed to move from their current location to a new building that was better located and had more space. To complete their health care offerings, they partnered with a dental clinic and a mental health counseling service. While they had some furniture pieces that could be reused, they needed to replace many old, worn out and mismatched pieces. Kentwood Office worked with the client to create a cohesive design and efficient space plan. Kentwood suggested remanufactured Herman Miller stations to outfit the space with functional, up to date stations to house staff and residents in training. The use of glass stackers kept the space open and full of natural light. Trendway TrendWall was the perfect floor-to-ceiling application to create additional private offices that could easily adjust with future changing needs.

Project Details

Industry: Health Care
Application: Reception / Waiting Room, Open Office, Conference Room, Private Office, Break Room, Exam Room
Products: Remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 Workstations, HON Ignition Seating, National Swift Tables, National Eloquence Seating, Global Duet Seating, Safco Sassy Seating, Great Openings Filing & Storage, Trendway TrendWall

Architectural Walls Create a Functional Shared Space for Spectrum Health

April 12th, 2012 by Jeff Klein

Spectrum was moving their Neuro Rehab and Home Care departments from their current building to the nearby Visiting Nurse facility. Not only were they on a limited budget, but they needed to find a creative way to create private office space in the open lobby area. Kentwood utilized TrendWall products to create enclosed architectural walled offices. A blend of remanufactured and new products for the working areas created a functional blend for departments that worked for everyone involved.

Project Details
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Industry: Healthcare
Application: Architectural Walls, Private Office, Lobby, Scheduling Stations
Products: Trendway TrendWall, Remanufactured Herman Miller Action Office Stations

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